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Tóth wrote:
 > Hello!
 > I'm Toth Zoltan from Hungary.
 > I've got the following serious problem with gcc:
 >  I can't use the compiler because I can't add the djgpp.env file to it's
 > place.
 > where is the emvironment tab in win2000?
 > How can I install djgpp on win2000?

I'm using DJGPP on W2K.  To set it up, I just:

1. Unzipped the DJGPP packages (in D:\DJGPP for example)
2. Right-click on "My Computer", select "Properties".
3. Under the "Advanced" tab, select "Environment Variables..."
4. Create a new environment variable named "DJGPP" with the value for 
your installation ("D:\DJGPP\djgpp.env" in my case)
5. Add the bin directory to your "path" variable ("D:\DJGPP\bin" in my 

Don't forget that these changes won't effect any open command prompt 
windows - you'll have to open a new one to start using DJGPP.

Good luck!


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