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Subject: Re: How to align members/data under gcc/DJGPP?
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Subject: How to align members/data under gcc/DJGPP?

> Hello,
> I can't find in FAQ (sorry, maybe I missed it), how to align struct
> members under gcc/DJGPP? What is pragma/option doing this? Is there
> some way to specify the alignment only for some piece of code like
> this:
> <- set alignment by 1 byte here to pack all members altogether. how?
> struct zzz
> {
> ...
> };
> <- reset alignment to default. how?

I'm not so sure if this can help you, but...

Search on info files, i.e. info gcc, the pertitnent info is located on Node
Variable attributes

> Is it possible to align also data object (variables) into the memory?
> F.e., all variables should be alignment by the paragraph 16 bytes.
> How?

You can find the answers in same node.

> Best regards,
> Alex

J. L:

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