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Tony <digitaltv AT digitalrice DOT com> wrote:
> Also make a make.bat file like this:

> gcc -c -Wall test.cpp
> gcc -o myprog.exe test.o
  ^^^--- Wrong. Use GPP or GXX (whichever of the two you have) instead.

Read the README.1ST to learn why this is important.

> I want to complier and link the cpp file, But when I complier the
> soure file, the result is:

> E:\download\train\gcc_c++\test>
> E:\download\train\gcc_c++\test>gcc -c -Wall test.cpp
> In file included from e:/djgpp/lang/cxx/iostream:6,
>                  from test.cpp:2:
> e:/djgpp/lang/cxx/iostream.h:31: streambuf.h: No such file or
> directory (ENOENT)

Broken installation, caused by incorrect unzipping or incorrect setting
of the LFN variable.
Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
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