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Subject: Re: Is PMODE/DJ Free Software?
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 22:35:16 CDT
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>   There are some restrictions in the PMODE/DJ license that are 
> incompatible with the free software definition of Free Software 
> Foundation:
> - One can't sell an extender that is based on PMODE.

I don't think this is likely to apply to anything you want to do.  An
extender would be a modification to PMODE to run some other 32-bit like
environment.  And then you would need to sell that extender.  This has
nothing to do with the application (unless it's an operating system
or something like that based on PMODE).

> - One is encouraged to email the authors if PMODE/DJ is used in for profit 
> productions.

Not a restriction.  But it does specifically say that you must give credit
to Thomas Pytel and Matthias Grimrath.

>   I think it is possible to use the TSR version with software that is 
> released under the GNU GPL, but the stubonly version can't be embedded 
> into the executable because the license is incompatible with the GPL. Is 
> this intentional?

The intent of the authors was not to restrict it's use with any FSF 
code.  The goal was to provide a free DPMI provider for your use and 
modification, as long as you don't sell the DPMI provider or any DPMI
provider/extender/mode-switcher based on it.

(I was involved in earlier releases, and I'm currently the "owner" of
the current release).  Feel confident you can bind either the stub 
or use the TSR without legal issues, as long as you use the distributed
binaries (and bind something of consequence - an application).

Since I am not the original author, I cannot provide any waivers.

I should note you can also bind CWSDSTUB.EXE to any image you build for
a single file distribution if you desire (there are commercial apps out
there which do this).

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