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00:17:11 (Off-topic) Making a compiler (Nelson Fleet)
00:32:05 what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Kirill Kryukov)
00:43:07 Re: strange content in compiled file (Eli Zaretskii)
01:00:10 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
01:00:14 Re: Need help with DOS Emacs (Eli Zaretskii)
01:37:41 Re: what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Eli Zaretskii)
02:15:32 Re: what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Martin Str|mberg)
02:22:55 Re: Need help with DOS Emacs (Matthew Mucklo)
03:10:22 Re[2]: what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Kirill Kryukov)
03:46:00 Re: Re[2]: what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Eli Zaretskii)
03:49:00 Re: what is ___gxx_personality_v0 ? (Andris Pavenis)
09:00:25 Can you help please? (WCount12)
10:30:14 Re: Can you help please? (Martin Stromberg)
10:45:04 Sample program (jakub)
13:00:24 Re: Sample program (Simon Owen)
13:15:04 libtool package for DJGPP? (Simon Owen)
13:17:59 Unsubscribe (David Roon)
14:45:28 What development environment do you use for C++? (Damon Hastings)
15:45:11 Re: (Off-topic) Making a compiler (Gautier)
16:28:26 Missing DJGPP.ENV file (nasix)
16:32:57 Re: Missing DJGPP.ENV file (DJ Delorie)
16:45:07 Re: Missing DJGPP.ENV file (Charles Sandmann)
17:00:25 Re: libtool package for DJGPP? (Richard Dawe)
17:00:25 Re: (Off-topic) Making a compiler (Richard Dawe)
18:31:36 Re: Can you help please? (WCount12)
19:15:48 Can anyone help [2] (WCount12)
21:00:20 Re: Environment variables, and command line option's. (Jason Hood)

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