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"Christian Görgen" <christiangoergen AT gmx DOT de> wrote in 
news:aehvo9$73br1$1 AT ID-43990 DOT news DOT dfncis DOT de:

> after compiling a simple HelloWorld.c-file with gcc, i found some strange
> content in the HelloWorld.exe and HelloWorld files.
> They contained code-sniplets auf websites i visited formerly and also
> contents of mails, wich are saved in outlook express folders.
> Anyone who did noticed the same?
> Or anyone knows what the reason is for that behavior.
> Unfortunatly i was not able to reproduce this yet.

yes, this is a bug in MsDos / Windows that don't fill with zero's new 
blocks of memory / diskspace

Rafa³ 'Raf256' Maj

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