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Subject: ANNOUNCE: DJGPP packages of VERA 1.9
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I've made DJGPP packages of GNU VERA 1.0. These are available from Simtel.NET
& its mirrors:

These are binary and source distributions respectively.

What is GNU VERA? Here is an excerpt from the original announcement:

"  V.E.R.A. (Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms) is a free list of
   acronyms all of which are used in the field of computing.
   GNU version 1.9 of V.E.R.A., written in Texinfo and
   free, has now been released.

   V.E.R.A. is primarily meant to be used as an online reference,
   although some efforts have been taken to make its TeX output look
   acceptable. The current edition contains approximately 9200 acronyms."

I hope this is useful. Regards,

Richard Dawe [ ]

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