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Subject: Re: gcc 3.10 and <iostream>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 10:31:47 -0500
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Subject: Re: gcc 3.10 and <iostream>

> Andris Pavenis <pavenis AT lanet DOT lv> wrote in
> news:Pine DOT A41 DOT 4 DOT 05 DOT 10206140935010 DOT 18000-100000 AT ieva06:
> >> Error: c:/djgpp/lib/gcc-lib/djgpp/3.1/libstdcxx.a(c++locale.o):
> >>   `void std::__convert_to_v<float>(char const*, float&,
> >>   std::_Ios_Iostate&, int* const&, int)':
> >> c++locale.o(135) Error: undefined reference to `_finite'
> >> Error: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> > You haven't said anything about command line You used (or whether
> > You tried to compile the example under RHIDE).
> it was under RHIDE 1.5
> > About problem You have: You should link libm.a after libstdcxx.a
> How can I do this under RHIDE ?

If you´re using RHIDE, maybe can help you add the path of libstdcxx.

In Options->Directories->Libraries

add C:/djgpp/lib/gcc-lib/djgpp/3.1

(change according your DJGPP-path.

Maybe there is another better solution, but this is the only way that I
found to build c++ code whit RHIDE.

> I tryide to disable [ ] link standart libraries
> then I added manualy cxxstd and c

Don't  do it! Just add libm, i.e. add m in Options->Libraries, and check box
on left.

> how can I add crt0.a ? The problem is - this name does not start from
> and using crt0 makes linker search for libcrt0.a
> What exacly libraries do I need ?

libm, because libstdcxx is linked automatically (if you don't disable
standard libraries).

> When some path will be relased ?

Do you mean *patch*?

> Is this a bug in GCC ? afair order of linking libraries should'nt make any
> difference

I'm not sure, but I see related problems discussed here.

> --
> Rafa³ 'Raf256' Maj

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