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"R. Grela" <rgrela AT ciudad DOT com DOT ar> wrote:

>global _atest
>section .data
>    p dd 0.2
>section .text
>     mov eax, [p]
>     ret
>and receiving as float (I've tryed with double too)
>extern "C" float atest();
>void main() { float f = atest();  cout << f << endl; }
>and I get -NaN
>Any idea?

info gcc

seach for "calling convention"

     Do not use the FPU registers for return values of functions.

     The usual calling convention has functions return values of types
     `float' and `double' in an FPU register, even if there is no FPU.
     The idea is that the operating system should emulate an FPU.

     The option `-mno-fp-ret-in-387' causes such values to be returned
     in ordinary CPU registers instead.

Just compile with this option and re-link, then your code should work.

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