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Subject: Re: Another GAS problem
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Jacky Luk (luckie AT netvigator DOT com) wrote:
: Hi,
:    I have posted on this question in this arena before. In GAS, how do u
: load the segment address into ES when dealing with BIOS interrupts like the
: 13h ? as u know, interrupt 13h requires me to load the es register with the
: .text segment value and bx with the offset... for instance:

If you're using DJGPP and DPMI this won't work. If you're not using
DPMI, then it can be made to work (I think).

: #include ""
: .text

: .globl start
: start:
:  movb $0x2, %ah
:  movb $0x1, %al
:  movb $0x1, %cl
:  movb $0x0, %dl
:  movw bootbuffer, %bx  <--- I knew this one already
:                                              movw -4(%ebp), %ebx
:  movw .data, %es  <-- but what about this?

I'd do (untested) 
"	movw	$(some_number), %bx
	movw	%bx, %es
	mowv	$bootbuffer, %bx"



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