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Subject: Re: Rhide crashes on ctrl-F1
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:46:39 -0500
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Martin Stromberg wrote:
> Tim D. Childs (tdc AT _NO_SPAM_msu DOT edu) wrote:
> : I'm running Rhide 1.4.9 in a dos box under Win98SE.  When I use
> : control-F1 in the Editor window to get help on a function, the
> : whole dos session crashes with an "unspecified exception".
> Try running it in plain DOZE and post the crash dump (which I hope
> you'll get) here.

No joy.  In DOS (win98 flavor) ctrl-F1 locks the system up totally -
I have to push the reset button.

Tim D. Childs
tdc AT msu DOT edu
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