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Subject: Re: Rhide crashes on ctrl-F1
Date: 14 Jan 2002 17:02:38 GMT
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Tim D. Childs (tdc AT _NO_SPAM_msu DOT edu) wrote:
: I'm running Rhide 1.4.9 in a dos box under Win98SE.  When I use
: control-F1 in the Editor window to get help on a function, the
: whole dos session crashes with an "unspecified exception".

: Right clicking on the function name, clicking on the HELP
: menu, and invoking info from the dos prompt all work fine.

: I've tried invoking RHIDE with various options like -S and -K, and
: increasing fcbs to 40,0 with no change.

: I've installed the identical software on a Win95 box and it works
: fine.   Has anyone run across this kind of behavior and have
: any ideas about how to fix it?

Try running it in plain DOZE and post the crash dump (which I hope
you'll get) here.



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