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Subject: Re: ASM syntax
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Andrew Fairburn (a DOT j DOT fairburn AT durham DOT ac DOT uk) wrote:
: ive been writing a function in assembler code for a real mode callback. The
: code needs to take the ss:sp, of where the program was when this interupt
: function is called, from the register pair ds:si then. It uses this to read
: the cs:ip address left on the stack when the interupt was called and then
: places it back in a memory address pointed to by the register pair es:di. It
: then returns with an IRET. unfortunatley my code doesnt work:-

:  cld
:         lodsw
:         movw %ds:(%esi), %ax // gets ss:sp which should point to old IP on
: stack

I'm not an assembly guy but lodsw followed by movw %ds:(%esi), %ax?
Isn't one of them redundant?

:         movw %ax, %es:44(%edi) //mov IP into mem structure 44 b disp from
: es:di
:         lodsw
:         movw %ds:2(%esi), %ax // gets CS which is 2 bytes disp from IP on
: stack
:         movw %ax, %es:46(%edi) // move into mem structure
:         movw %ds:2(%esi), %ax

:         movw $0x1b0, %dx
:         outb %dx

: The thing im unsure about is the syntax for addressing memory e.g.
: %ds:2(%esi), i thought this would take the selector and offset address in
: ds:si and then move on 2bytes and return the value there. Is my
: understanding of the displacement, i.e. 2, correct?

Nope. It'll take what is at the offset %esi+2 in the segment
indicated by %ds. Note that DI != EDI. Plus it won't automatically
adjust %esi; that's what lodsw and stosw (except one of them uses %esi
instead of %edi) do.



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