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"Alexei A. Frounze" wrote:

> Btw, are the following features or bugs:?
> 1. pressing ESC removes text selection, pressing ESC twice gets it back

Look in the keyboard assignment dialogs, you'll find: "ESC -> HideSelect",
this command toogles the selection status (hide/show).
I assigned it because I liked the idea, you can change it.

> 2. pressing ESC once or twice after making a change in the text removes the
> "changed/modified" mark in the bottom-right corner of the window frame,
> although the change hasn't been committed into the file

A bug in RHIDE, for some reasons Robert doesn't trust in my "modified" status
and overrides it with their own ;-) That's used to compute if a file should be
recompiled or not. The fact is that this override isn't very stable

> I'm using RHIDE Has anything changed here since NOV 2000?

I don't know, but you should try 1.4.9 (previous back-up of projects because
they change from version to version)


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