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On 14 Jan 2002, Hans-Bernhard Broeker wrote:

> Only text screens can be read out (using ScreenGetChar() from the
> <pc.h> package) directly. In graphics mode, there is no explicit
> representation of a single displayed character that you could read
> out: it's just an arbitrary collection of pixels.

Well, not entirely true: the BIOS can make sense out of those pixels, 
even in graphics modes, but only for those modes supported by the 
standard video BIOS.  I don't remember whether 320x200 is one of the 
standard modes, but if it is, you can use one of the functions of the 
BIOS Int 10h (sorry, I forget which function is that) to read the 
characters one by one.  (A quirk: blanks are read as null characters.)

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