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--- Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:
> If you want to disable Ctrl-C's effect on the
> program's data selector, 
> this will do it:
>    __djgpp_set_ctrl_c(0);

I don't want to fully ignore CTRL-C, because then I
cannot quit my program...
I just want to catch the interrupt with something
like: signal(SIGINT,int_handler), which handles my
interrupt (closing the COMPort and then quiting the
program). If I'm correct SIGINT is CTRL-C, right?
The problem is that the piece of code above, does not
For some reason, when I press CTRL-C, my program
terminates immediately (or so I guess...) and Windows
complains about all kinds of references (mentioned in
an earlier thread).
I just want my program to exit without any errors when
I press CTRL-C and return to the bash.
At this moment when I try this, Windows does not only
terminate my program, it also kills bash!


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