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salvador <salvador AT inti DOT gov DOT ar> wrote in message
news:3C3C94FA DOT A11081AE AT inti DOT gov DOT ar...

> Robert is working again, but I'm in charge of Turbo Vision.
> > but in
> > my opinion, there should have been a special command-line option to
> > use of these functions. For me to fix this **** problem it did cost of:
> > writing a TSR, which logged all Int0x10 calls and saved to a file -- the
> > program. Finding the buggy function -- the 2nd, test program, writing
> > another TSR to intercept calls to buggy functions -- the 3rd program.
But I
> > was not heard a year ago, when I had this problem on my other computer
> > having it now on my current. So I took over. :)
> :-)), I'm slowly creating a new version of Turbo Vision and I'll try to
> remmember this detail. In fact I want to create more than one "driver",
one of
> them really simple that won't try to handle graphic modes.

Hm... Can't you just roll back to the original version, which was basically
a more or less plain port of Borland's TV?

Good Luck
Alexei A. Frounze

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