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01:05:01 Re: PMCOM (Brian Inglis)
01:05:22 Re: standards and 'setgid' function (Brian Inglis)
01:07:23 Re: iostream errors with the STL (Eli Zaretskii)
01:19:59 Re: standards and 'setgid' function (Eli Zaretskii)
05:04:37 Re: PB with bootloader's Bill Curie (Meynard)
06:28:34 Re: grx (Mariano Alvarez Fernandez)
07:49:07 Re: rtti ('Raf256' Rafal Maj)
09:21:56 Re: rtti (Eli Zaretskii)
09:34:09 Re: Problem with gcc v2.953 (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
11:52:15 I need free F90 compiler (Nilton Jose Rizzo)
12:05:35 Re: GPC 2.1 RC 2 released (Maurice Lombardi)
14:19:45 Re: rtti (salvador)
14:20:26 Re: standards and 'setgid' function (HARY)
15:35:20 header lookup problem (Peter Claessens)
16:24:17 Strange RHIDE behavior (Alex Oleynikov)
17:03:57 Re: header lookup problem (Peter Claessens)
17:04:22 Question: Allegro menu (jansb000)
19:04:12 Djgpp Vs new windows ('Raf256' Rafal Maj)
19:29:12 need help with DJGPP (Paul Herndon)
19:30:25 compile 16 files (Geethanandh kandasamy)

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