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First, make certain that you have properly installed djgpp. This
primarily involves modifying the autoexec.bat file to inlude the djgpp
in your system's path. This will allow you to use djgpp from any
directory that you may currently be working from. Otherwise, you have to
work from c:\djgpp\bin all the time, and that will get old real fast.
Also double (or triple) check to make sure you have properly downloaded
and unzipped all the correct files for what you intend to do. Consult
the readme.1st that comes with djgpp, the FAQ that comes with djgpp, or for the specifics.

Second, remember that you should change your working directory in the
DOS console to the directory where your .cpp file is located before you
execute the gxx command. Otherwise you must include the full path and
file name of the .exe and .cpp files when you execute the gxx command.
For example, if your .cpp file is saved to your desktop, type the
following commands at the DOS prompt:

cd c:\windows\desktop
gxx -Wall -o yourfile.exe yourfile.cpp

Otherwise, you have to type this at the DOS prompt:

gxx -Wall -o c:\windows\desktop\yourfile.exe

Third, I recommend that you do not use emacs that this stage in the
game. It can be a complex and confusing program for beginners. Stick
with a basic text editor until you feel comfortable with djgpp and
c/c++. Otherwise you'll just be giving yourself headaches.

Hope this helps!

DAVID F FOX wrote:

> I purchased the SAMS Teach yourself C++ book which contains the DJGPP
> Compiler. I have loaded the compiler, EMACs, etc all the extra stuff
> on the cd. I have tried my best to access emacs and I have read the
> readme.1st docs. I am completely confused. Where does the compiler
> expect to find the C++ program I have written? What is the path? I'm
> trying to compile from DOS using the gxx comand and I keep getting the
> message that it can't find or hello.cpp. I entered the
> program using notepad because I can't figure out how to access
> emacs. Can you please help me or at least point me to some site that
> speaks english instead of computereese? Thanks so very much....
> Theresa J Foxtjfox44 AT msn DOT com

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