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I am getting an error very sporadically when servicing an interrupt.  It
also only seems to happen on fast machines >300 Mhz.

Int 0x22 at eip=11f7 flags=3002
eax=0x00000000 ebx=0000010e ecx=001bd30c edx=0000258e esi=0000005a
ebp=00134760 esp=0000236e cs=2b ds=ff es=ff fs=117 gs=10f ss=33 error=0000

Can anyone provide a clue as to what this means?  Stack problem?  

I am going to be as forthcoming as I can:

I have written the handler in C, which I read is a bad idea, but I locked
the entire app into memory, because I actually do not want ANY virtual
memory.  I develop test code for testing various controllers (CMD, Promise,
Intel, Via, etc..) with various hard disks.

I will write the handler in asm if I really need to, but I am hoping I don't
have to.  Many of the programmers today don't speak assembly and there are
only two people in my group capable of it, so if I can leave it in C, I
would prefer it.  Also, we don't have a lot of experience with the AT&T
style assembly.

Thanks once again for any help you might be able to provide.

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