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Subject: Re: Trouble with Assembly code
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On 30 Aug 2001, Hans-Bernhard Broeker wrote:

> I suggest reconsidering whether you even *need* that function. It's a
> reinvention of the existing DJGPP libc function
> __dpmi_simulate_real_mode_interrupt(), so you had better just use that
> and be done with it, I guess.

I don't think __dpmi_simulate_real_mode_interrupt will fit the bill here, 
since this code instructs the DPMI server to copy 6 bytes from the PM 
stack to the RM stack, whereas __dpmi_simulate_real_mode_interrupt 
doesn't support this functionality.

I really don't understand why does this code need to copy data from the 
PM to the RM stack; I've never seen such a need before.  But if it is 
real in this case, our library functions cannot help.

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