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Kimball, Robert (Robert_Kimball AT maxtor DOT com) wrote:
: I am getting an error when compiling / assembling code that I do not
: understand.

[Klippa, klapp, kluppit the code.]

: The error that I get from RHIDE is "Error: cannot reload integer constant
: operand in 'asm'."  

Compile with "-S" and post the relevant part of the .S file here. Plus
the _complete_ errror message (including line numbers) and indicate
which line is the line pointed out. 

: Also how do I correctly translate the OFFSET thing in the above Intel style
: code?  

As we are in _flat_ protected mode, every variable is an offset so I
don't think you need that at all. I'm not an assebly guy though so I
could be wrong.

: I looked through the FAQ for this but found nothing.

But surely you found the links to documents that describes the
difference between Intel and AT&T syntax?



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