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Silver wrote:

> jansb000 wrote:
>> You may want to consider downloading DevC++ from This
>> package contains an IDE with the MINGW32 compiler.
>> "Silver" <SilverBanana AT gmx DOT de> wrote in message
>> news:3B7FE8E2 DOT 2FC04D8C AT gmx DOT de...
>>> Hi!
>>> I'm trying to use RHIDE with DJGPP (which works fine) and with MinGW32
>>> which doesn't work so far.
>>> The MingW32 always tell me "No Input Files".
>>> I suggest that the error may have something to do with the changed
>>> parameter transfer from e.g. rhide to gcc. Any ideas how to fix it?
>>> Thanks
>>> Silver
> Basically a good idea (I'll miss RHIDE anyway). However the address you
> gave me ( seems to be wrong. Seems to be some Portal
> Site to other sites. Thanks for your help anyway!
> Silver

Try Source Forge


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