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In article <7443-Wed15Aug2001204209+0300-eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il>, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> From: "Siddhartha" <siddhu AT loveable DOT com>
>> external debugger.
>> Where can i find the library if so.
> GDB is available as an executable program on _all_ the platforms it
> supports, including DJGPP.  There's no such thing as GDB library, and
> you cannot produce one from the GDB distribution, on any platform.  It
> is a long-standing goal of GDB development to provide such a library,
> but GDB is not there yet.

4.18 versions can be compiled to lib with a patch/makefile, and afaik from
5.0 it is standard.
> However, the RHIDE IDE uses GDB as its debugging engine, and, for that
> special purpose, uses parts of GDB's code as a kind of library.  So
> you should be able to produce GDB-as-a-library by using some of the
> material in the RHIDE distribution.

A standard 5.0+ compile will generate a libgdb.a IIRC. The FPC IDE also does

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