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Hello, All.

I know there are plenty of open source MP3 decoding libraries for DJGPP
(with Allegro). I've tried a few - LibAMP 0.3 and XAudio 3.2.8. There is no
doubt they're decoding at the great speed, but the sound quality is POOR. I
hear the big difference between them and latest Winamp (2.76), although I
don't have the absolute pitch. The sound just hasn't some depth...
Can you recommend some library, which can provide better sound quality (the
speed isn't so critical)?
Are there any ports of Winamp decoder?
(or, is there a mystical ;-) way to use Win32 DLLs (Winamp input plugins,
for exaple) in DOS+DJGPP)?

Many thanks in advance.

P.S. Just to avoid useless advice - my soundcard does work at
44100Hz/16Bit/Stereo in Allegro, and the sound quality problem is in the

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