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To: Schmuel Gorell <shmuli AT sunpoint DOT net>, djgpp AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Re: Installation query ?
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Schmuel Gorell wrote:
> Is there an installation program for DJGPP that would know where to istall
> the packages. There are some packages that don't have a path information in
> them. It is quite messy when I unpack (in a for loop) all the packages of
> DJGPP. (500mb packed).

All official DJGPP packages (at least the ones from the v2 and v2gnu
directories on should unpack cleanly in $DJDIR (assuming
you're using a decent unzipper that creates paths).
Packages from v2misc, v2apps and v2tk don't always follow this
which may lead to problems.

Tim Van Holder - Anubex N.V.
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