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I'm not the least bit familiar with AT&T syntax, using only MASM.  I'm
not in COMD, but in CLAX.  But I've a few questions.

On Sat, 09 Jun 2001 13:41:36 GMT, rendeg AT my-dejanews DOT com (Rennie
deGraaf) wrote:

>    and 0x01, %eax

Is this intentional?  I noticed that elsewhere, you appeared to use a
'$' before inline instruction constants (code space.)  Here, there is
no '$'.

>    movb $_buffer, %cl

Given what I can guess about the syntax, this attempts to move the
address of _buffer to CL.  Of course, the address is 32 bits and CL is
only 8.  Is this a possible source for the error?  And also, where do
you initialize the upper 24 bits of ECX?  I see you save it, but I
must have missed where you initialize it.

>    movb %al, _newkey(%ecx)

What does this do??  And should there be a $ in front of the _newkey?
I might have guessed that ECX is a pointer, but above you only init 8
bits of the address.  So that can't be it.

Hopefully someone better informed will help.


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