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Subject: Announce: DEPUI 2.0 : A portable graphical user interface
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Announce: DEPUI 2.0 : A portable graphical user interface

DEPUI is a portable graphic user interface library written in the C
language. The docs are quite minimal, but should still work and compile 
for a very wide variety of platforms. 

The code is very modular and (should be) fairly easy to understand. It will 
compile for 32 or 16 bit targets and has been written in a very portable 

You can find it at:

Right now it has drivers for the following platforms:
     - DOS with DJGPP using Allegro - Default platform
     - DOS with DJGPP using GRX 2.3
     - DOS with Borland 3.11 using BGI
     - DOS with DJGPP using simple VESA 2.0
     - DOS with DJGPP using simple VESA 1.0
     - Linux using Allegro
     - Linux using GRX 2.3 (on top of Svgalib)
     - Linux using Svgalib directly
     - Linux using Nano-X - Contributed by Nick Papadonis
     - Linux using X-Windows
     - OpenGUI drivers (mouse/keyboard only work under DOS/DJGPP)
     - DOS with TinyPTC (still rather slow, but functional)

Right now it has the following widgets:
    - NEW - Editable textbox with (or without) scrollbars
    - NEW - Editor object with menu
    - NEW - File selector
    - Static text
    - Push button
    - Toggle button
    - Radio button and radio button group
    - Horizontal and vertical scrollbars
    - Menu bars and popdown menus
    - List with limited multi-coloum support
    - Scrollable areas (with scrollbars as needed) that can scroll any object
    - Multi line text
    - Simple movable/resizeable/closeable windows (normal and modal)
    - Panels (Raised, sunken, ridge, groove)
    - Direct screen access (ensures no gui objects will overlap)
    - Simple alert
    - Vertical and horizontal bar

You can find it at:

Doug Eleveld

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