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Subject: Re: [Allegro] Page fault in my compiled program
Date: 9 Jun 2001 10:32:15 GMT
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Am 09 Jun 2001 erfreute uns manni DOT heumann AT gmx DOT de (Manni Heumann) mit 
folgenden Beitrag (news:Xns90BB644B694FBmanniheumanngmxde AT 130 DOT 133 DOT 1 DOT 4):

> [snip]
> Read your code before reading the FAQ. You are trying to put a 
> pixel on the BITMAP b. But b is just a pointer, pointing 
> somewhere, to something and nobody knows where. You will have to 
> create that bitmap first (b = create_bitmap (width, height); ).
ouch! This is really painful! Punishable by death ;-)
I was soooooooo sure that my code is right! *aaargh*
I have to beg for forgiveness for my very, very stupid question!
I am so ashamed!
Thank you Manni for your help...

Tot ziens
Dirk -
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