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Rhide is kinda fragile. I don't think any of us got that working on the
first try. It took me many tries and hours to get it set up properly.

But with much persistense and 100 strands of hair later, I got it up.

Did you try checking if the compiler created the executable? Rhide does
the exact same thing with me (without the error) and all I do to test
the compiled product is run the executable outside of the program.

Try that out. Do a search for the filename.exe. If not, try something
else :)

Good Luck,
Paul M.

Tonno001 AT aol DOT com wrote:

> i recently received as a gift a Rhide C++ compiler.  how ever i cannot
> get it
> to work.  i have tried to make a hello world program and the compiler
> will
> not execute the program.   it compiles, makes and links,(reporting no
> errors).  but when i try to run the program it does not run and gives
> me the
> message: Program exit code: -1 (0xffffffff)
> even though it reports no errors, after I "make" i receive the
> following:
> Creating: hello.exe
> The error was: Invalid argument  (EINVAL)
> no errors
> i am including the source code:
> #include <iostream.h>
> int   main()
> {
> cout<<"Hello world.";
> return    0;
> }
> your help is much appreciated.  i have spent endless hours sifting
> through
> faqs and and have not found any help.

Paul M.
paulm14 AT home DOT com

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