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Subject: Re: gdb error
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> From: Hans-Bernhard Broeker <broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de>
> Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
> Date: 5 Jun 2001 10:25:14 GMT
> Shankar Chakkere <shankara AT erols DOT com> wrote:
> > ~/develop/cxref/cxref-1.5c > gdb cxref preproc.c
> That's not the correct way of starting a gdb session on DJGPP. It used
> to be that way a *long* time ago (in DJGPP versions1.12 or earlier, if
> memory serves)

I don't think it ever was.  The first version of GDB ported to DJGPP
was not a stand-alone program, so you had to day something like

	go32 -d gdb cxref

But there was never a need to mention any source files.

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