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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:24:07 +0300 (IDT)
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Subject: Re: RHIDE debugger bug
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On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Scott Sinclair wrote:

> However when a breakpoint is inserted the code returns the following
> """""
> fopen() allocated the readonly pointer 0
> fopen() allocated the writeonly pointer 590148
> """""

I don't have RHIDE installed, but I tried this with GDB (which is the 
debugging engine inside RHIDE), and I cannot reproduce the problem.  I 
stepped through the program and it worked as expected.

You omitted many details which might be crucial: how did you compile the 
program (what compiler/linker switches did you use), where did you put a 
breakpoint, etc.  Perhaps these are important.

Also try running the program under GDB and see if the same problem exists 
there or not.  If not, this is something specific to RHIDE.

In any case, I'm not aware of any NT-specific problems with debugging 

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