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I have written smal .bat that copy HDD -> RAM, runs rhide, and later back
RAM-> HDD. It's very easy.

Użytkownik Kevin <kevin AT effessnet DOT fsnet DOT co DOT uk> w wiadomooci do grup
dyskusyjnych napisał:tbmnhtg0s4ahsq9a8qq8bfokd8o8q7e6ld AT 4ax DOT com...
> Section 3.9 of the DJGPP FAQ is quite good for this.
> Kevin.
> On Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:55:57 +0800, "Gorden" <gorden AT ms9 DOT url DOT com DOT tw>
> wrote:
> >If my source code (*.c) on my C: harddisk
> >But I want compiled all *.o sava on ramdisk
> >For Quickly compile time
> >But I search all rhide option can't find the option
> >
> >somebody know it ?
> >

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