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Thanks very much for that reply. It explains a lot indeed.

> Note that the name "" is NOT valid under DOS. Therefore
> it's been changed to This is done so that compiling
> packages is possible under both DOS and Windows (with and without LFN
> support).

I understand, but what can I as Unix developer do for the DJGPP folks? My
project is generating the "configure" script from "", so
while creating this configuration file the DJGPP ppl get the first
errors... Once those files are created I could of course manually change
the file names, even with a script, etc. But the DOS developers don't
even get to see the "configure" script.

> for all those
> details.

Have done so. Thanks. It basically says long file names are not supported
and that you have to rename them with scripts, doesn't provide an example
though on how to do it or who has done it before.

As I see it now, I can't have DJGPP people in my project involved
anymore, cause they can't handle the GNU autoconf utilities anymore;
gettext is just generating way too long file names. That really is
painful for everyone involved.

I'm thankful for further advice or examples!


Andreas Bauer, baueran at

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