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Date: 28 Feb 2001 15:45:54 GMT
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Michiel de Bondt (michielb AT sci DOT kun DOT nl) wrote:
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: Hello djgpp-ers,

: I think I found a bug in gcc. But first, I had to mail the bug to this
: newsgroup. gcc allocates an occupied register for a computation. I made
: the following small sample file of the problem. You should cancel
: optimization, otherwise the problem does not occur due to removal of
: code.

: Best regard, Michiel de Bondt

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: // do not use optimization

: union intel
: {
:   long e;
:   short x;
:   struct {
:     char l;
:     char h;
:   } b;
: };

: int main ()
: {
:   register union intel a __asm__ ("%eax");
:   register union intel b __asm__ ("%ebx");
:   register union intel c __asm__ ("%ecx");
:   register union intel d __asm__ ("%edx");
:   b.b.l++;
: }

: --------------524796937C70976A6AFCB0C8--

gcc 2.952 refuses to compile this (unless I turn on optimisations and
then the whole output is optimised away exactly as noted). What is the



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