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Pramod Mambalam <chintu AT wam DOT umd DOT edu> wrote:
> is there any way to compile and execute java programs on the djgpp
> platform.  

In a nutshell: no. Not currently, and not in the planned future
either, AFAIK.

The problem is that DOS is not suitable as a platform to execute
typical Java programs on. The subset of Java that every platform is
supposed to support includes a Windowing GUI, multitasking and
-threading, and quite some other other things that DOS (even with the
DJGPP libc sitting on top of it) simply doesn't know of. 

Making Java programs run on top of DOS would require to re-invent more
than half of Win9x from scratch, and I don't know of anyone who might
be willing to do that.

The only exception would be one of the explicitly limited Java subsets
(meant for use with small embedded devices and the likes) --- that you
can implement on top of DOS, if you add at least a small IP networking
layer to it, I think.

> linux, so even stuff that's not djgpp but will work with windows 95/98 is
> fine also.

Get the plain old JDK from Sun for Win95, then, and proceed from
there.  But is has no relationship to DJGPP except for both being

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
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