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03:32:19 Re: makefile problem (Eli Zaretskii)
08:25:30 Re: What's up with Simtel? (Richard Dawe)
08:43:42 Re: What's up with Simtel? (JT Williams)
12:25:12 Re: makefile problem (Jason Green)
12:57:30 Re: makefile problem (Eli Zaretskii)
13:46:02 ANNOUNCE: zippo 0.1.3 alpha 1 (Richard Dawe)
16:54:59 Scroll Wheels in Dos. (R. Glashans)
18:25:15 Re: makefile problem (Jason Green)
19:06:31 linking a 16bit turbo C lib (paul mcrae)
19:30:16 Re: linking a 16bit turbo C lib (DJ Delorie)
21:39:56 Re: Scroll Wheels in Dos. (Alexei A. Frounze)
22:36:27 rsxntdj 1.5.1, djgpp 2.03: dll runs out of stack (April)
23:06:31 Now Slower? (Joe Wright)
23:21:29 Re: Now Slower? (Alexei A. Frounze)

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