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Mike Darrett wrote in message ...
>Hi guys,
>Just wondering, is there an open-source 3D cad program similar to 3D
>Studio Max for the Windows/Linux platform? I think POVRay comes

I have written an open-source 3D drawing program called "Draw3D" that you
may want to look at.  It isn't a proper CAD package, there aren't
engineering related actions, infact, there are almost no actions except for
the most basic drawing actions like 3D move, rotate, scale, edit, delete.
However it is Extremely fast at software rendering compared to any other
Windows software that I have ever seen.
The available version is written in Visual Basic 5.0 and NASM 0.97
assembler.  I have completely rewritten the entire program in C (LCC-Win32)
+ NASM with true-color support, but that is not yet complete, so you will
have to settle with the VB / NASM version for now.
If you (or anyone else) want, I can e-mail you a copy of my version in C
that isn't quite finished yet.  Notably, it doesn't have any help, and it
doesn't save to any common format, but it does open 3D Studio's "3DS" and
"ASC" files, and so if you got both my VB and my C version, you could save
the C versions files to its native format, and use the VB version to convert
it to a DXF file.

by Shervin Emami

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