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Matt Lewandowsky wrote:
> However, a few of them will be relying on libsocket (or something
> similar including offspring...)
> It'd be even better for someone like me who dual-boots and wants to run
> the same programs in both environments. Of course, I *could* compile in
> both environments, however, only having one binary is a huge plus in
> trying to distribute it.

Yes, I agree. I tried to integrate with Watt-32, but gave up due to time
constraints. It seemed like it could work. One big problem would be
maintainance - feeding later Watt-32 changes into the modified version -
because there were a lot of changes (~5% of every file?).

> Is Wojciech Galazka offering to take over maintainership? I hope someone
> will, because I would like to see this project continue, and I
> unfortunately do not have the time or knowledge to properly maintain it
> myself.

I'm not sure who will maintain it yet.

> Richard, if someone else takes over maintainership, will you still
> be active in assisting development? You have put a lot of (excellent)
> work into this project, and it would be a grave loss if you left it
> behind completely.

I don't intend to leave libsocket behind completely. I just don't have
time to spend on it right now. Rather than let it wither and die due to
lack of attention, I'd like to hand it over to someone else. I'm trying to
concentrate on getting zippo, a package manager for DJGPP, ready for
release right now. I think this will be of benefit to DJGPP users.

I expect to be around giving advice, testing, contributing patches for as
long as libsocket exists. I'm happy to do this.

I just don't have time to do *all* libsocket research & development. I
estimate that 50% of my libsocket time was spent looking for hacks to get
libsocket to work _at all_. The other 50% was spent coding, writing
documentation, answering mail, etc. Not enough was spent testing.

Ideally several people would become involved in maintaining libsocket,
because doing all the work I mentioned is pretty demanding. 

BTW thanks for the compliments. 8)

> Also, if no maintainer is found, it may be worth considering a second
> person holding a copy of your CVS repository, just in case something
> bizarre happens. Like, say you go on a year long trip around the world
> in a few years and someone decides to revive the project and can't reach
> you.

I'm trying to get all my current changes committed to my CVS. This will
have preliminary (read: hack-hack-hack!) Winsock 2 support and some
documentation fixes. Then I will upload a copy of the latest sources to
the libsocket development page. Hopefully that will be sometime this

By "CVS repository" do you actually mean the libsocket part of my CVS
repository? Is it simple to extract that? Do I just tar/zip up the lsck
module subdirectory in my CVS root?

Thanks, bye,

Richard Dawe <richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com> 

"The soul is the mirror of an indestructible universe."
--- Gottfried W. Leibniz

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