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From: "Mr. Veli Suorsa" <VJSuorsa AT Surfeu DOT Fi>
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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 21:54:27 +0200
Subject: Database functions
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It is a miracle ;-)!

My "home typewriter" works with yours software, DJGPP, GNU and C/ C++! 

I am a new user/developer of DJGPP/ GNU GCC. I need some help with Database
functions (C/ C++), textual user interface and design document and skeleton.

Please, could You tell me an example zip- file to download or can You send it
to me!

P.S. Is there any "flying Finns" on the djgpp- list?

With Best Regards

Veli Suorsa
Mailto:VJSuorsa AT Surfeu DOT Fi

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