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> From: "Eric Botcazou" <ebotcazou AT libertysurf DOT fr>
> Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 15:49:43 +0100
> > Not at all.  There are additional aspects of NT vs W2K differences which 
> > other library functions would want to know about.
> I was talking about the Allegro library, I don't know for other programs.
> What are the other main differences between WinNT4 and Win2k ?

One is that programs nested more than 2 levels cause NTVDM to crash on
W2K, but not on NT.  The other is that the LFN function that renames a
file fails on W2K with a weird error code if the target file already
exists (this is known to cause linking to fail when GCC runs stubify).

There might be other differences, I don't remember.  You might
consider looking in the mail archives, there were quite a few reports
about W2K woes.

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