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On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 dcasale AT my-deja DOT com wrote:

> > You could access the disk with the normal BIOS calls, not the EBIOS
> > calls.
> Unless there is a way to perform direct disk access to entire drives
> larger than 8.4GB using standard BIOS calls -- and as far as I'm aware,
> there isn't -- then I'm forced to use these calls.  The standard BIOS
> calls are limited to either 504MB or 8.4GB, depending on whether I've
> got my BIOS set for CHS or LBA translation.  Right?

So you are pulling your hairs just to let people on plain DOS access 
FAT32-formatted drives, yes?  And all that in order to support long 
file names without installing a TSR, right?  It doesn't seem like a good 
investment of time.  Gosh, just the mapping of logical to physical drives 
can make you crazy.

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