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Subject: Re: GP fault on a new -- why?
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On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 dcasale AT my-deja DOT com wrote:

> Me again.  I've broken my compression proggy again by trying to add
> another feature.  This time, I've managed to get it to give me
> a "General Protection Fault" when I try to do a new.  This is under
> straight DOS, by the way.

Crashes inside new or malloc/free usually mean that you corrupt the heap 
by overwriting allocated buffers.

> I've tried making the stack bigger (a-la FAQ 15.9).  I've tried
> increasing the CWSDPMI heap size (a-la FAQ 15.4).  Neither seems to
> have helped.

They shouldn't have helped.  Your problem most probably has nothing to do 
with the program's stack or the amount of available memory.

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