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From: eplmst AT lu DOT erisoft DOT se (Martin Stromberg)
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Subject: Re: GP fault on a new -- why?
Date: 7 Feb 2001 10:46:52 GMT
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dcasale AT my-deja DOT com wrote:
: Me again.  I've broken my compression proggy again by trying to add
: another feature.  This time, I've managed to get it to give me
: a "General Protection Fault" when I try to do a new.  This is under
: straight DOS, by the way.

: I'm building a huge (about 8000ish or so) linked list of objects (16
: bytes per object, not including allocation overhead) for the purpose of
: sorting a huge list of files.  When I'm getting towards the end of the
: list of files, I get a GPF when I try to create another linked list
: object.

: I've tried making the stack bigger (a-la FAQ 15.9).  I've tried
: increasing the CWSDPMI heap size (a-la FAQ 15.4).  Neither seems to
: have helped.  Whether I'm debugging the program under RHIDE or just
: running it straight, it seems to fail with the exact same error, in the
: exact same spot, on the exact same file, every time.

: The GPF gives me esi=00000010, meaning that my stack has somehow
: wrapped around.  Right?  But how is that possible if I've increased the
: stack size?  What else could be causing this problem?

If you want most/best help you need to post the whole crash
dump... (Doesn't the FAQ say so somewhere?)



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