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OK, here are my thoughts:

I really find it sad that you're ending development of libsocket. I've been 
quite busy since early December and am just finding time for my projects 
again. However, a few of them will be relying on libsocket (or something 
similar including offspring...) to allow TCP/IP from both DOS and Windows. 
(I had mentioned trying to revive the WATTCP code in libsocket at one 
point.) For example I have an IRC client in the works, but I need to do a 
*lot* of screen handling stuff before I worry about actually trying to 
connect to an IRC network... I think this is why there are so few good IRC 
clients, let alone in DOS... ;) It'd be even better for someone like me who 
dual-boots and wants to run the same programs in both environments. Of 
course, I *could* compile in both environments, however, only having one 
binary is a huge plus in trying to distribute it. (Kinda like the early 
days of Win 95 when all 32 bit apps [pretty much] worked with Win 32S...)

Is Wojciech Galazka offering to take over maintainership? I hope someone 
will, because I would like to see this project continue, and I 
unfortunately do not have the time or knowledge to properly maintain it 
myself. Richard, if someone else takes over maintainership, will you still 
be active in assisting development? You have put a lot of (excellent) work 
into this project, and it would be a grave loss if you left it behind 

If libsocket is doomed to die a death of lack of maintainence, can anyone 
suggest a replacement which would be suitable? Also, if no maintainer is 
found, it may be worth considering a second person holding a copy of your 
CVS repository, just in case something bizarre happens. Like, say you go on 
a year long trip around the world in a few years and someone decides to 
revive the project and can't reach you.

I agree that there's plenty of work to be done on libsocket, but it is well 
worth doing.


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their C programs."
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