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00:43:51 Re: Just a DJGPP Newbie (Klytu)
02:06:38 Physical Address Mapping Problem (Alan)
02:06:38 Re: Physical Address Mapping Problem -- Using CWSDPR0 (Alan)
05:51:43 Re: CVS (Tim 'Zastai' Van Holder)
07:21:31 Re: Just a DJGPP Newbie (Jose MF)
08:18:56 DJGPP installation (
08:51:55 Re: DJGPP installation (Klytu)
09:21:29 Re: Just a DJGPP Newbie (Jose MF)
09:51:28 Re: DJGPP installation (Andrew D. Jones)
10:06:43 Re: NEWBIE Question (Andrew D. Jones)
10:51:38 Rookie question (TCHASIII)
11:06:43 Re: MSVC + Allegro (A. Jans-Beken)
11:06:43 Re: Rookie question (A. Jans-Beken)
11:17:35 Win2000 and Windows ME (Daniel Taupin)
13:36:35 Re: Merry Christmas !!! (Damian Yerrick)
13:51:30 Re: Templates (Damian Yerrick)
14:06:30 Re: Trouble with text while in graphic mode (Damian Yerrick)
14:21:31 Re: Ask for your help (Damian Yerrick)
14:36:31 Follow up to 'Rookie question' (TCHASIII)
15:01:38 HEEEEEEEEEEELP (Auslander From DunkelHeit)
15:06:28 Re: Just a DJGPP Newbie (Damian Yerrick)
18:33:36 Re: Trouble with text while in graphic mode (Johan Henriksson)
18:33:36 Re: Merry Christmas !!! (Johan Henriksson)
18:33:36 Re: Follow up to 'Rookie question' (Johan Henriksson)
19:36:36 GUI Programming (Stephen Balfe)
19:51:40 Re: GUI Programming (DS)
19:51:43 Re: Templates (Jason Green)
19:51:44 Re: HEEEEEEEEEEELP (Jason Green)
20:51:39 Re: MSVC + Allegro(possibly a duplicate post) (Krogg)

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