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> On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Felix Tilley wrote:
>> char  *whatid_string="\n@(#)  What is this messy id stuff   (c)
>> dummy AT domain DOT com \n";
> Is that a question?  If so, please explain what do you want to know, or 
> what kinds of problems did you have.  I'm afraid I cannot figure that
> out  from your message.

It is not a question.  Use the Bash "what" script on any DJGPP compiled program,
and see.  "what" is an old Unix/SCCS tool used for software version
control.  I don't think SCCS is distributed with any *nix these days (I
could be wrong).  In the old days it was a good way to query a compiled
program to find the version numbers of its various modules.



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