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On 28 Sep 2000 16:27:49 -0700, Nate Eldredge <neldredge AT hmc DOT edu>

>"Josh Haglund" <lhaglund AT wiktel DOT com> writes:
>> This is a bit off topic but...
>> Does anyone know where I can get a file splitter for windows 3.1/95
>> compatible.
>> I have a 8 Mb file that won't zip small enough and I need to transfer it too
>> another computer. The problems are there is not internet, and the file is
>> too large.
>> What I want to do is take the file in pieces and put it together on the
>> other computer.
>GNU split will do this, and guess what, there's a djgpp port.  It's in
>textutils, IIRC.

Heck, even dd from fileutils can split files into 1360 KB pieces
(saving 80 KB for the filesystem).

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