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This problem might not even have to do anything with CWSDPMI, if you are
in a pure dos environment (ie You press F5 at boot), A bunch of
Microsoft Caching/Buffering extensions won't be installed.  You can try
to use SMARTDRV to better buffer files and such in DOS mode.  anyways
that is all I can suggest.

Sebastian Beynon wrote:
> i kno it hasn't got a lot to do with DJGPP, but i need it to run DJGPP, so
> please forgive me!
> for some reason, CWSDPMI works as if i have absolutely no ram, and instead
> uses virtual ram (on my hard-disk) for everything! I have 64 megabytes of
> ram, and in windows gcc compiles pretty fast, but in dos, it takes ages!
> because it has to juggle stuff on the hard-drive. Whats the problem???

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