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Subject: Help with variable argument-list (va_list)
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I am trying to create a wrapper for a function that uses a variable
argument list (like printf).
I have tried the code below, and the first argument works, but not the
What is wrong in this example?
(the program compiles with DJGPP 2.95)

// ---- 8< ---- 8< ----
// file: test.cpp

#include <iostream>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>

void test_me(char *fmt, ... ) {
   va_list ap;

int main() {
   cout << "Test of va_list and co...\n";
   cout << "=========================\n\n";

   printf("The printf() function is working fine.\n");

   int i = 3;
   char *s = "Hello dear people";

   // The function test_me is a wrapper for printf.
   // How can I wrap a function with a variable number
   // of parameters?
   test_me("My arguments are %d and %s\n",i,s);

   return 0;
// ---- 8< ---- 8< ----

Please send answers to "jansb000 AT wxs DOT nl"

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